Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sculpting Test in Houdini

This week I'm testing sculpting in SideFX Houdini. (By the way, there is a free version of Houdini you can download from At this time, there is also a full version, called Houdini Indie, for $200 USD. If you are not a student, this makes it the cheapest professional level DCC package besides Blender.)

So what you see on this post are a series of screen captures of Houdini's UI as I followed a tutorial by Ari Danesh. In each picture, the relevant node is highlighted, some of its parameters are displayed above, and the result is in the viewport. Basically, you start with a polygonal plane and sculpt on it using a brush as you would in Blender / Sculptris / ZBrush etc. Subdivision levels are added as needed, and the geometry can be decimated to triangles using a "PolyReduce" node.

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